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 Purchase Italian designer corsets and girdles for 35% less than in Milan or Rome. It's our pleasure to present to you famous Italian designers lines of corsets, girdles: Lepel, Andra and Lilly. These proven designers provide Italian corsets and girdles that is both sensitive to a European taste and creating a harmonic balance for the modern woman. We have corsets and girdles for all hours of the day sexy eveningwear and casual comfortable corsets, girdles that can be worn all day long.
Girdles- corsets by Lepel, Lilly, Andra »
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lingerie Donna 8087
Lace strapless body Donna 8087 by Lilly
lace strapless corset
Lace strapless corset Donna by Lilly
Girdle donna piu 1005
Girdle Donna Piu art.1005
Girdle by Lepel
Girdle by Lepel
Girdle Donna Piu art.217
Girdle Donna Piu art.217
Feel the excitement of italian corsets and girdles. We proudly present to you the latest and sexiest European fashion corsets and girdles collections of 2004 year. It’s easy to check, just click on the brand logo above and you will be redirected to the official manufacturer's website. You will experience how gorgeous and delicate the Italian lace and embroidery feel, and how stylish and elegant you can look, while still maintaining simplicity. The anatomically perfect corsets and girdles create an incredible truthful effect. You will also find that the Italian corsets and girdles is noticeably lighter than corsets and girdles manufactured in other areas, because Italian underwear manufacturers use the fashion world's cutting edge technologies and materials. You can rest assured that you are wearing the genuine article.
  * We guarantee that corsets and girdles fit and look absolutely the same as they do in our photos.